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The once and future....

The once and future....

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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Still hanging in there.

Damn, last August! Has it really been that long.

                                    Usual excuses I guess. Ill health and the brutal death of a childhood friend pushed me into a long term of deep depression. I have niether gamed or painted until recently. I have however planned a million things in my head none of which will ever see the light of day but they have kept me sane.

                                   Recently I managed to drum up the enthusiasm to complete another seascape piece, a church on a headland. Nice. I also painted up some longboats that fit nicely with the 1/300 ships and the scenary. Let's hope I can keep the enthusiasm going.

The Former principality of klagenfurt Has kept m pretty enthralled since it's birth as a vaguely mid European 18th century state through it's transformation into a purely fictional geographic imagination.I am hoping this month to mount a game of Maurice at our local open day and hope it will keep the juices flowing.
Oh BTW the longboats are 1/450 from Peter Pig.


  1. Hope 2020 brings some better fortune your way. I quite fancy the peter pig pirate ships, which will some ground pieces .... if only to maroon people on :-)

  2. Sorry for your loss Robert and as Norm says, let's hope 2020 is a better year for you.

  3. Fantastic update !!! I am sorry to hear about the recent difficulties. The blog is fantastic and it is always a pleasure to look at your modeling.