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6mm MDF napoleonics.

                                   Your eyes do not lie. That does indeed say 6mm MDF. These are my wooden toy soldiers. As my supply of the classic hair rollers diminished I set out to find another sort of alternate wargames figures. Then one day back in 2014 I spotted a forum post somewhere that had pictures that looked very much like toy soldiers but in 6mm and the description said MDF. I was intrigued , found a contact address put my self in contact with the remarkably pleasant Mr Walter Anstiss of Commision Figurines.  He told me that yes he was making MDF figures (only infantry at that time) for his own use but had some vague plans of commercialising them if he found enough interest. he agreed to sell me some of his then pilot figures in return for suggestions and comments. When they arrived I immediately started painting and basing them. They had a charm I couldn't resist and a new project was born.

First steps to the wooden warriors

                         New figures came thick and first and quality grew in leaps and bounds both in Walt's production and my painting skills. Pretty soon he could cover the French and Austrians pretty much with some conversion thrown in so I set my hat at the armies in Italy in 1809. The game scale would be brigade s as units and command level army corps and above.  I gave myself 6 months to complete. Two years later I have most of the troops in Italy and Bavaria and still don't seem to have run out of steam. The "Blucher" rule set became popular with the gamers I knew here in Spain and that helped to concentrate my efforts a lot. You can follow the story of the Project here

here are some pictures of the project to date. 

Levebvre's VIIth corps

 Reserve cavalry Corps in Italy

Austrian Uhlans


  1. Very interesting indeed. One of the things that struck me was the cost, 12 strips of 8 infantry for £2.00. This would make a new project not that unreasonable. I am not too into napoleonics but promised Romans sound great. How are these figures to paint? 6mm can paint at the best of times! Nice job, well done!

  2. Painting is actually very easy. I brushcoat a heavy base of acrylic black to prime the surface. They already have detail burnt in and you simply paint to those guyidlines. I find them far easier than metals because you are basically painting on a flat surface. at 6mm only mjor detil is necassary.

  3. I'm very tempted for all sorts of reasons...

    1. Be careful, that's how i started and look where it got me hahahahah