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First Steps
                                This project started some 50 plus years ago when I was looking for a new hobby after my parents had to move and leave our model railway behind. I popped along to the local library after dad suggested toy soldiers! They had two books on wargaming Featherstones "War Games" and Young and Lawford's "Charge! Or How to Play War Games" my fate was sealed. I would have a world of imagi-nations. I didn't know when or how but have one I would. It took  while  heheh.
                             On 14/5/2014 I ordered my first Marlburian figures for my two nations. Not the individually based Spencer Smiths that lured me to my doom so many years ago but massed bases of 10mm figures. I loved them and the die was at last cast. 
Initial decisions

One thing the Dark age project achieved was make me a firm favourite of 10mm on packed bases. My games would be built around the rule set "Maurice" and the size restrictions of my table meant battalions of 4 elements with a maximum element size of 30x30. With that in mind I started some test elements.

First trial

First effort was 5 figs on each base. looks like 28mm and the column is rubbish. Only saving grace was I only needed 20 figs for a battalion.

second trial

10figs per element facing looks much better. Liked the added depth but a column just doesn't do it for me even reducing the base depth wouldn't satisfy.  This is now 40 figures per battalion. That's a serious amount of figures.

 Third trial

15 figures per element . at 60 figures per battalion this is a serious number. the facing view has great depth and the column has real impact. I really can't consider more figures per element .

I called it a day there. I took a look at 20 per element . It looked really good but the thought of painting a minimum of 1500 figures just did not appeal. Even with the final solution I am looking at perhaps 900 to 1200 figures.

                   Having deciding on my figure mix I turned to the most important bit. Designing both sides flags. Took ages but I love the end results.

the first was Biehlberg. The background colour for the national flag would be the uniform colour and the points would be alternately red and the facing colour.

ie in this case the first rgt has blue facings

The second country Gromstadt had again the national colour green as a background and this too would be the coat colour of the infantry, while the background of the colonels colour would be the facing colour.

My final decision was to have infantry 5 wide on 30mm frontage I chose 5 because I was going to use Old glory that come in strips 5 wide. I went 3 ranks deep on 30mm depth . I really liked that. The cavalry are mounted on 30 x 40 bases 3 riders wide by 2 ranks deep. Love this.  The project is basically complete now and the history and results can be seen at

a young mans dream of imagi-nations realised

I still have some plans for the future that you can follow at 

imagi-neering a plan for the future

Finally I guess I should display the dream until now.

                                                       The Duchy of Biehlberg

The principality of Gromstadt


  1. Just been flicking through your blog post-6mm Napoleonics questions!

    We use Maurice in 10mm figure scale with 30mm square bases with six figures in two ranks of three - looks good and doesn't break the bank in painting time or cost! If you want denser lines you could try four wide, two deep and then it's one unit per pack from Pendraken with a couple command figures?

    Or as their command groups come in drummer/standard bearer/officer go with 30 infantry and squeeze the extra figure on the command base out a little? Or add a second flag bearer (there's a pack of "just flag bearers" in the 7YW range) and pop two of the command figures out the front, encouraging the men onwards :)

  2. heheh thx dor the suggestions but the Imaginations project is well and truly underway. The decisions were made and the armies produced. I still have a lot of plans but I think they may see the light of day next year involving naval stuff and irregulars. You can follow the history here Thx for the heads up I need to update this page
    The plans are at