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10mm Dark age armies

                   Many years ago I took part in a discussion and demonstration at Cow (probably in 1982) of a new approach to Dark age wargaming. Out of it came a rule set called DAIS or Dark age infantry slog.  I really like them and often planned the armies etc I would use. Like most of these types of plan they disappeared into the things to do tray and disappeared from sight. At sometime after that I saw some 10mm fantasy figures from kallistra that looked very Romano-British which I of course invested in and the interest was revived for a while. but again they too joined the lead mountain. The breakthrough came about 8 years ago when I saw a ruleset by Dan Mersey called "a glutter of ravens" which he acknowledged as being a son of DAIS. I was truly impressed and bought a copy. heheh About 4 years later when I retired, I was  digging out the lead mountain for cataloguing and long term denial and I found the packets of kallistra figures and had a light bulb moment. I would build my dark age armies. I duly headed off to kallistra on the web to see what else they had on offer and found that the fantasy army was now historic and listed as Romano British. No problem I would bulk them out with Pendraken figures. It was at this time I realised that the kallistra figures are large 10mm and didn't work well with other makes and at that point in time there were no suitable opposition. Back to the drawing board.
               The trouble was I really like the variety and animation of the kallistra figures and decided to indulge myself in another part of the hobby I love and that was figure conversion. I ordered a number of packages from Kallistra from various ranges from Samurai to the hundred years war and decided to transform them into the figures I required. My armies would have every figure unique and eventually I swapped heads, changed shields, all weapons and taught myself to use the dreaded green stuff. It was for me a unique experience. I have four large armies Romano-British (Welsh), Early Romano British (Late Roman stay behinds), Saxons , Picts. I even commissioned shield designs from LBM studios. A great project that provided many hours of enjoyment. Half way through the project Dan Mersey published Dux bellorum and the project was complete. Oh and the Late Roman stay behind army is of course lead by King Arthur. What's that you say"NOT REAL" sorry can't hear you heheh

           You can follow the project with the following links in the order I built them
Romano-british (Welsh)  

Romano-British (Late Roman stay behind)



Meanwhile here are the teasers

The Romano British. I learned a lot here about head swapping etc. Some of these have the original weapons and It was their appearance that started me into changing all the weapons for brass rod. I also found 15mm shield designed that fitted my figures.

The Late Roman stay behinds came next. I had learned a lot from the welsh and I applied a lot of it to this army. The designs are all small 15mm from LBMS many of which I cut down.

The Saxons followed on and I was getting very adept at head swaps , shield changes etc. and I had the first of my LBMS downsized shield designed.

 Finally the Picts . By now I was really hard core and they involved lots of green stuff and just about every technique I learned form the previous armies. Just about all the shield designs are the downsize commissions for LBMS. They really finished this lot off.

                                 Sometime in the future I have planned for an Irish army.. Probably a plan is all it will ever be...   

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