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Saturday, 10 August 2019

I do like to be beside the Zeeside

             I have played quite a few games on the Zondersee and apart from an island or two there is little to show for it being an inland sea. I decided it was time to add some coastline.  Built in much the same way as my earlier scenic pieces i used mainly cork sheeting and very light, strong drying plaster filler called Pluma here. Cheap as chips but a great modelling media. It seems to be similar to modelling plasters I've seen on the net but comes prepared for use.

              Not a lot more to say really. I have about 12 feet so far of modular coastline and am working on a system for a permanent backdrop on the garage games table because the difference with and without is spectacular. heres' a few shots of my efforts so far.

 The harbour was the most difficult piece as it involved a lot of scratch built and monopoly buildings, I also wanted it to be on the inclined slopes of the surrounding cliff and that wasn't easy either.

The coastline is drawn to adapt roughly to the imprinted hexes on the seamat I bought.

I'm still working on the ordinary coast pieces adding farms and small towns or just plain forestland as the feeling takes me.

             Having built and seen the pieces on the table I am of course getting ideas for combined operations perhaps using hair curler troops with a couple of battalions per side.  Who knows?