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Saturday, 15 June 2019

economic real estate

Well , it's certainly been a while.  I have once again had my gaming time diverted by health problems. Unfortunately it's never going to go away but I have learned to adapt.  Anyway, all fine now and I have finally found my interest in gaming once more.  For many years now I have always looked on the shelves of the cheap shops or pound shops as I think they are called in the uk. last week while looking for plastic boxes to use as carry cases I spotted some resin aquarium decorations that just might be useful.. The scale was well, generic but close enough not to worry me and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to scales for scenic items.  So here's the tale of some cheap toys. They were priced at 3 euros each and I have seen far worse for 10 times that in "official" pet shops.  Job done I walked away with 3 mini fantasy castles for just under a tenner .

                 The buildings were in  a ruined state so I went to work with the Dremel and removed all the rubble and broken wall pieces. When that was done out came the green stuff and they were as good as the day they were built. Well almost. They needed some retouching of paintwork and a change of some of the more garish colours and finally my vision was island pieces for my imaginations. A quick piece of island building with cork sheet , some polystyrene and PVA glue and there we go . So enough verbosity.

First lets take a look at what we bought:-

 This one was particularly ruined with piles of rubble and missing sections of roof .. This really needed a lot of work to make it lived in. 

I like this one a lot. First the separation of the buildings and all the multi level add ons that hung in space. When I built the island I built it so the slopes came under the hanging bits and they appeared to be built naturally on the island.

This was the most fantasy inspired design of the three so I decided to accept it for what it was , did minimal rebuilding and dulled all the colours down. They still look like fantasy buildings but I think it will look ok on the table.  This was built as an edge piece rather than an island.

Here are the finished items

 Nicely toned down Lots of rebuilding with green stuff but I think well worth it.

I really like this finished item.. I built a shallow beach on one side for fishing boats and a small wharf on the deep water side for the big Zondersee supply barges.

Bit too fantasy island for my taste but I built it into a lakeside piece and it won't look too bad.  

As an exercise in cheap scenic pieces I thoroughly enjoyed working on them and will certainly keep my eyes open for similar bargain price aquarium decorations. Now to get them on a table with some ships ..  


  1. These look great, l look forward to seeing the ships. Good to have you blogging again.

    1. Yeah , it's so easy to stop and quite hard to start again. having made a new post I realise how much blogging has become a part of my hobby. Posting feels like a very positive thing to do after yet another depressing negative moment in my life. Still I'm beating the Big C 4-0 now. All I have to do is make sure the bastard never scores a goal.. heheheheh

  2. Nice to have you back Robert and those buildings don't look too bad at all.

    1. thanks feels good posting again.. Ad to the buildings, it never fails to amaze me what a bit of inventiveness can make of what is basically cheap rubbish ;)

  3. It is very impressive what you have done with these models, Robert. The "Fantasy castle can b e your world's equivalent of Neushwanstein!

    1. Yeah I never realised till after I posted I have actually seen buildings in this style in Bavaria. I can remember staring at them with an engineers eye and wondering what the hell was holding some of the bits up.

  4. Very nice indeed

    Take care