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Sunday, 7 October 2018

I just blinked and there they were................

                   The ships and the islands for the Zondersee were now a routine part of my efforts. I have more than enough to play and can work on them when I feel like it rather than having to do it NOW.  The "·Rommel" project was complete although some game specific scenery would be added in time.  All in all I had survived the fluttering wings and stayed with my gaming objectives of one project at a time, just enough to play and don't move on till the project is basically complete.  So what next.

                  Of late I have actually being playing against regular opponents more than in previous years, probably as a result of My hyperactive friend of many years returning regularly from China. We had played a few games of "Saga" which I admit I enjoyed very much and there was a momentary temptation to purchase and paint but there were too many oh no's for me to do it. It had been MANY years since I last painted any 20-28mm figures and my skill set in that area were very much in the Humbrol and block painting era. I knew little of nothing about inks and shading and dry brushing I knew about but hadn't really practiced. The final touch was it would take me a lifetime to paint that many 28mm figures and that before I could play a game. Not the way I wanted to go.
               During a game with another friend who is also a very good painter he tried to convince me to get a force together but I resisted.  Out of interest I asked him about painting a force of late Romans and what price he would charge. Buying an army would be a first for me. He was a bit uncomfortable about asking for a reasonable payment but I insisted it had to be fair. The price he asked was good and it turned out that what he was offering me was his own Late Roman force. I agreed immediately. Still feeling a bit uncomfortable he asked if maybe I had some figures he might want to offset the cost.


           I brought out of storage the 15mm ancient lead piles. (yes I have several piles) It was a lot of figures with probably several armies possible. They were also carefully collected Donnington, Frei Korps and Irregular figures with a range of variants not often seen here in Spain. He was gobsmacked and asked how much of it he could take in exchange for the army. Now I should explain that to me they were absolutely worthless. I would never paint them , couldn't be arsed to sell them anywhere and would still be in the same box in the garage when I died. I gave him the lot.. It felt really good because I know how good they would look when he finished them..

                   So that's the story. I now own a very pretty late Roman saga force of some 50 figures including cataphracts and I am highly delighted and on top of that there is this beautiful empty hole where a part of the lead pile had been. really was a weight off my mind.  To finish off I thought I would share them with you. Oh there is just one other thing. I found an old salute figure of "Hereward the wake" and wondered vaguely if I still had the skills. So a little customisation and "Hereward" became a heroic figure of the Romano British period and you know what? I really enjoyed it.  Watch this space....  Armies I can't paint but a few figures here and there is great fun..