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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Land Ahoy!!!!!!!

                        While enjoying an hour of  smashing little ships to pieces during my trials of the rules for the Zondersee ships, someone said "needs a rock or two" I laughed and then thought about it. Now I have never been to great on making scenery but I do have my super dooper static grass machine, so I checked out some videos and blog pages and decided "yeah I can do that!"

                        A few days with PVA glue, cork sheets and some expanded polystyrene (the white crumbly crap not the nice blue good stuff. Why make it easy'"  I had a few rocks that I quite liked. I also found a domestic crack filler in the local hardware shop that was extremely light and dried super quickly for smoothing over the polystyrene blocks forming the rocks.. So chocks away and lets do it. Armed with some very large and cheap pots of acrylic paint I managed to get some very presentable items. Monopoly houses and plastic cards provided evidence of habitation and suddenly I had some nice looking bits with a lot of gaming possibilities.

                       I set them all up with a new sea mat marked in 4" hexagons from tiny wargames   which is simply one of the prettiest sea boards I have seen. The overall effect was just delightful taking my level of talent into consideration.. I am so pleased with the end result. here is the end result so far with some ships added in for an idea of sizes. The ships are the lovely card kits from war artisan

Just enough bases to play he said....

               Goodness me is it really seven weeks since I posted here last?  there have been many reasons / excuses for not posting ranging from minor health problems to the effects of the hottest summer on record here in Cataluña. It's a humid heat and although we have air conditioning in the house our terrace experienced 40 to 45 degrees regularly for 3 weeks. It leaves you physically drained and I found getting stuck into the hobby difficult.. I did manage to do a few things one of which was to complete my gaming friend Albert request to arrange a game of Rommel before he returned to China. "Just enough bases to play" Naturally I got quite carried away and did rather more than I intended. As the day neared I set up the battle with what scenery fitted the 6" square requirements  of Rommel , took some photos and awaited his arrival. Sadly real life cancelled his trip and he returned to China before we could play.. Ah well, maybe next time.  I did however have a number of photos of the field that I have decided to post here as a record of this small side project. I also bought a rather nice new mat from Tinywargames It is premarked with 6" squares rather discretely and I really like it.  The figures are mainly H&R while the buildings are some very tasty 3mm buildings from totalbattleminiatures.

Hope you enjoy

The first shot is of the whole area which measures 12 miles by 8 miles depth. The mat is rather nice.for comparison you can see my cigarbox mat peeking out at the edges

The rest are views of the British bases. The figures are as stated previously rubbish from the 70's and 80's painted in enamels in a style that can best be described as experimental. I really like the way the diorama style hides that fact.

Views of the German bases to date. Again I really like the diorama, like a snapshot of an event within the area of operations.. Yes really does work for me.

Rommel is a board game with figures but the mechanisms are heavily into the cardboard and hex style. I don't object to that and the style of the bases makes it easier for me to understand the space and troop representation concepts involved.

               I still have a few divisional and Corps assets to base up but for now I think that's "just enough bases for a game" heheh. They however will have to wait as The Zondersee has aquired some new goodies. More in next post.