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Friday, 27 April 2018

MORE cavalry.................

                            Not to enamored of painting the 2nd Daederhoff jaeger rgt I delved once more into the spares box. After a careful analysis of my cavalry remnants I worked out that by removing a squadron from the line horse of the two main combatants and I could by combining it with the remnants from the bit box, I could scrape another rgt of each together just by adding a base of elites to each rgt. I quickly ordered a couple of bags of mounted grenadiers and went to work.
                           I decided to use the Russian Grenadiers for the Biehlberg cavalry and the French grenadiers in bearskins for Gromberg.. All in all they haven't come out too badly and for the price of a single rgt I get two. A most fortuitous outcome.

                                    Biehlberg Line Horse with added elite company

                   Gromberg Line horse ... Top photo shows the lovely drummer from the British7YW

                         Well that about uses up my stock of figures apart from the damn jaegers. There are however some 1,000 square kilometers of unclaimed territory on the North bank of the Zondersee. I could just squeeze another small state in there ............