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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Shadows in the marsh..

       Finally pushed myself to start on the Daederhoff jaegers.. Only managed one of the 2 battalions but at least it's a start.

                The jaegers are recruited from the marsh-dwellers, hunters, smugglers and sharpshooters that abound in the delta. Consisting of two battalions they are trained and commanded by the mysterious count Boris Katzenov a member of the Volgoroff aristocracy who sold himself to the electorate as an irregular mercenary.

                   So here they are. I am however still looking for an appropriate mounted figure to serve as the commander.

Not exactly great camouflage
but it works for me.  


  1. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  2. Splendid if shady fellows,just the chaps for the klein krieg I think!
    I look forward to seeing them in action!

  3. Good to know your site ... and thise low scale wxperiences..