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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

We're a couple of toffs...

          I have had a great deal of fun preparing and painting the cards and figures for a range of personalities for Klaggenfurt. Over the weekend I completed a couple more and am so delighted I couldn't resisit posting them here..

           Hope you like them:-

My original character for the count of Arzenschitzen just did not match the eccentric nature of the cavalry unit he had bought and paid for. This figure is perfect. The stats I gave him reflected his steady personality and his ability to pass that steadying effect  on to his men hence the rally plus

    Commander of the Daederhoff Infantry. The stats confirm his ability to defend a prepared position. Perhaps the document he is reading is a report of the forces approaching his command.

                   I have thoroughly enjoyed painting personalities and incorporating them in to " Maurice" however i need to start on something else or i will end up with more generals than troops..