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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

We're a couple of toffs...

          I have had a great deal of fun preparing and painting the cards and figures for a range of personalities for Klaggenfurt. Over the weekend I completed a couple more and am so delighted I couldn't resisit posting them here..

           Hope you like them:-

My original character for the count of Arzenschitzen just did not match the eccentric nature of the cavalry unit he had bought and paid for. This figure is perfect. The stats I gave him reflected his steady personality and his ability to pass that steadying effect  on to his men hence the rally plus

    Commander of the Daederhoff Infantry. The stats confirm his ability to defend a prepared position. Perhaps the document he is reading is a report of the forces approaching his command.

                   I have thoroughly enjoyed painting personalities and incorporating them in to " Maurice" however i need to start on something else or i will end up with more generals than troops.. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

I'm a celebrity ......

                                     One of the things that really attracted me to Imaginations so many years ago were the hosts of character figures folks built into their stories enriching the whole backdrop of the game world. It was something I always wanted to do and spent many sessions playing with character generators etc etc. That bit was easy, what I really wanted to do was own the appropriate figures.  Now in 28mm that's a simple thing to do with huge conversion possibilities etc Indeed I built a few for future use, however as you move down through the scales this becomes increasingly difficult as very few manufacturers want to invest in what is basically a niche market. This became a real problem after I settled on 10mm as my scale of choice. Over the last few years I have built a collection of officer and general figures from various ranges which sort of filled some gaps but never quite satisfied what I really wanted to achieve. My collection had about 15 or 20 figures to which i added the Pendraken AWI mounted officers and then I discovered the wonderful new command figures from the same manufacturers LoA range of figures with tricornes. These are simply beautiful, superbly animated and perfect for my requirements and whats-more there are lots of them. I managed to buy some about a month ago and have been painting and planning ever since.

                                     It isn't sufficient however to own the figures , I want them involved in my games so "Maurice" needed a slight reshape to include them. Now I like the notable system in Maurice and saw no reason to re-invent the wheel so decided to modify them for use in "Klaggenfurt". I also wanted the cards to be easily related to the figures on the table. In order to achieve this I decided on a double sided notable card . The front would contain all the background and play info while the back would include a photo of the actual figure for easy identification during games. The Maurice rules have notables rated by aristocratic standing and when making a group the character with most standing commands. Finally all characters and "hangers on" in a randomly selected bunch of notables must be allocated to units before the game starts. This can of course greatly affect the command structure especially as quite a few of my notables have negatives skills as well as positive ones.  After a week or so I had a large collection of cards and figures connected and ready to go. For those interested I have a few examples as follows:.

 This is an AWI scots officer revamped to match my ranger battalion. The bonnet isn't quite right but is good enough for me.

 Really like this figure. It's from the LoA command pack of moving officers. Great animation on this one. looks like he really means business
One of my absolute favourites from the LoA standing pack.. He seems to have such a haughty air about him.. My idea of an imaginations commander. 

               To complete the picture heres a couple of photos showing some of the figures I  have completed so far

                    What really pleases me is that I still have about 20 figures left.. Plenty of work left to do.  I can't recommend the Pendraken LoA personalities enough and hope the pictures do them justice.