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Thursday, 14 December 2017

A new awakening... I hope

                            Feeling a tad bored last night I indulged in a bit of shiny shopping.. You know what I mean, a quick look at web pages looking for inspiration.. For the first time in a long while I was smitten.. While looking at the Pendraken  site I found his newly released LOA command figures in tricornes and freshly painted picture of the austrian 7 years war grenzers.. ..

I had felt for a while now that my Imagi-nations deserved better than the somewhat stereotyped commanders I had given them. These were just the job. Lots of character , wonderful over exaggerated wigs etc etc .. MUST HAVE..

Meanwhile my newly painted saffron coloured  Daederhoffians were still without their famed light troops. There among the beautifully painted Austrian /yrs war troops I spotted the Austrian grenzers..
Again MUST HAVE......

yellow jackets, red cloaks .. Gorgeous.. ok not exactly wonderful camouflage but hell's teeth this is imagineering..

                           Somehow I found my fingers hitting buy and paypal,,   Job Done

  Not been this fired up for months..
Come on Leon its 8 hours since I ordered. Stop Pfaffing and send em.................. ;)


  1. Glad to see your mojo fired up again Robert. I succumbed earlier in the year and picked up my order at Colours. They really are lovely, lovely sculpts. So full of character and detail. Not sure I can do them justice, but I'll try. Oh and the Grenzers are nice too:)

    1. Oh these are just beautiful.. Exactly what I have been waiting for..

  2. It's an extremely nice feeling when you get in into a new project

    Take care


  3. Oooh, this looks like fun! I have been resisting Tricornes for quite a few decades, myself!

    1. Give it up, resistance is futile.. I love my tricorned imaginations armies.. These guys will add that extra character I am missing. A few crinolined ladies and an open coach would be nice but heh it's 10mm I can live in hope

    2. I do have the Eureka Chamber orchestra (28mm)...