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Saturday, 2 September 2017

A Home in the marsh

                         In the last two posts I dealt with The Electorate of Daederhoff.
Time to take a closer look.

                       The name of the state is a hangover from the old Principality when the ruler was indeed one of the electors of the royal house. It is still used today and the ruler is known even now as the Elector. The region sits on the south shore of the Zondersee and occupies the delta of the Tiefenwasser river. An area of marsh land rich in wild life and inhabited by a hardy collection of eel farmers and duck hunters. The area to the west of the delta is extremely fertile agricultural land left behind by the river as it moved its course eastward in the rapidly changing silted waterways  and streams it is made up from. The river itself is navigable to shallow draft vessels at least as far south as Lublich
                      The country ruled by the current elector Franz Von Helpgraz is as stated a large area of marsh land which is renowned for three things.
1/ Eels which abound in the waters of the delta and are partaken in a delicacy of chopped eel in
     gelatine or jellied eels as they are more commonly known.
2/ Thatch. The many miles of shallow waterways and inlets are covered in reed beds which supply
    fine quality thatching material to the whole valley and indeed to export outside the valley.
3/ Smuggling. The most contentious of the electorates industries which involve many of it's skilled
    watermen in a trade that has caused many problems between Daederhoff and it's two larger

                      The armed forces are directly under the control of elector Franz himself assisted by his cousin major Karl Helpgraz, a fine commander of infantry..

                        First a reminder of the unit standards. The yellow grounds are the National standard, while the red blue and green are the unit colours.

 The constituent elements are as follows:-

On the left we see the arrival of major karl, while the elector himself dressed in green is in deep conversation with colonel von Ebbelberg the commander of the first infantry Rgt.

The first infantry Rgt resplendant in red facings. The figs range from WSS to AWI but all work quite well.

The second infantry Rgt. Blue facings and known for the piper of the first company famous for solving the rat problem in Daederhafen in which no children were harmed in any way.

The cavalry Rgt is a composite force of one cuirassier Sdn, two horse Sqdns and one Mounted grenadier Sqdn.

         That completes the army at present but I am planning to add two light infantry units recruited from the marshmen (austrian genzer figures).  and one artillery battery.  Again a lot of fun to plan and execute.


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    1. Much of that is down to the figures from pendraken. I just add a few conversions to set them off.

  2. Excellent back ground 'fluff', which reminds me of the area around the Neusiedlersee on the Austrian - Hungarian border (which is very pretty by the way). Nice looking army to boot.

    1. I have to admit now that I have a map to refer to, I am really enjoying the background material as much as the gaming...

  3. Very nice indeed

    Take care