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Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Valley lives and breathes..

                       Whilst converting and painting the Daederhoff troops I thought it was about time I finally put my thoughts on the valley's geography into a more concrete form rather than the misty view I held in my head. I use profantasy's CC3+ for mapmaking and I now have a partially completed map of the region.

The former principality of Klagenfurt 

                                The Zondersee itself is the beating heart of the valley.  It's waters carry high volumes of trade within the valley and out to the wider world. It sees recurring instances of naval warfare over trade routes and imposed taxation. It is also a point of constant annoyance as the inhabitants of the Daederhoff marshes used it for smuggling into Daederhoff and later blackmarket sales into the two duchies via the marshes themselves.

                                 To the north lie the thick upland forests of Volgaroff, home to the wild horsemen and hunters of the nomadic tribes. They are controlled by the beachheads owned on the Northern shore by the two largest duchies.

                                 To the west the land rises to the peaks of the Shatterhoff mountains whose ranges hold rich seams of minerals that provide much of the wealth of  duchy of Gromstadt along with rich stocks of soft and hard woods.
                                 As the land descends from the mountains into the rolling countryside of Biehlberg it changes to the rich loam of the  farms and estates that form the agricultural base of Biehlberg's wealth. This is supplemented by a huge income from waterborne trade.
                        The south is a mix of poor agricultural and wooded uplands with some minerals and less productive agricultural lowland known collectively as the Schonewald. As we move into the far south we run into the Teufelwald a thick and dense forest area inhabited only by charcoal burners, Highwaymen and outlaws. An area of little economic value and very sparsely populated. The east leads on to the Richer major powers and to the sea which the valley has access to by the navigable Zoinder river.

                    Now I have to get down to detailing the two major states. 



                    I guess this map should have been posted along with the forces of the said state in my earlier post detailing their components but I guess better late than never.

                                Considering this area is the Schonewald I really need to add more trees ... heheheh.

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  1. Great to see a map of the areas you will be gaming in. Way beyond my skills, so I will use a hand drawn map, when I finally get around to detailing up my Imagi-Nations forces etc.