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Thursday, 20 July 2017

The valley is slowly taking shape. (Daederhoff)

         I had an absolute ball designing and building the Schonewald forces and to be honest couldn't wait to start on another. I stared at my shiney new map of the valley for a while and decided to plant a small state on the southern bank of the Zondersee squashed between the two "super powers" set on the delta of the Tiefenwasser river. Daederhoff was formerly an electorate of the principality and it's ruler is still known as the elector of Daederhoff. The current Elector is a young liberalising ruler with extensive military experience. 

              The electorate has a thriving marshland economy supplying thatch and eels to the rest of the valley and a reasonable agricultural output from the rich soil of the delta periphery. It consists of one major town and several smaller townships and villages. The economy and population is strong enough to support a force of some 2,500 troops formed into two infantry battalions, one horse regiment and an artillery company. They are renowned for their toughness bred from a hard life on the waterways of the delta and their merchant captains are some of the best smugglers in the valley.

             Before starting work I decided that they would wear yellow uniforms because I have always wanted to paint uniforms of that colour  heheheh. Having decided on all that it was time for the flags..
A bit of searching on google produced a nice outer design and another gave me the central eagle in a shield.. Job done.. background colours on the design to be the facing colours..
From top to bottom , left to right
                  State Flag, First battalion of foot, second battalion of foot and the rgt of horse. 

                  I picked troops from a 70 year period with packs from Pendraken covering the WSS range to the American war of independance. The AWI range has some superbly animated figures that I have used as officers, drummers and standards.  Time to paint..  I produced some test bases and love the colours.. Watch this space.


  1. Sounds great Robert and look forward to more updates...

  2. I am glad you are really enjoying your imagineering. I have really found it interesting to follow your progress and look forward to seeing more. Your latest creation sounds full of possibilities for gaming scenarios.

    1. Indeed and in particular for skirmishes.

  3. Nice development of your world, Robert!

    1. Thanks . The inspiration came from a TV documentary on the economy and life in the fenlands of east England before they were drained commencing in the 17th century. Hence the thatch and the eels which were both huge in that period. :)