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Monday, 10 July 2017

A corp of What?... seriously?

                            In my attempts to model as much of the forces involved in the 1809 Franco Austrian war I decided to build The Austrian reserve landwehr corps. Not something you often see deployed in wargames.  It was this force I was building when my last bout of CBA kicked in (can't Be Arsed). I found them a couple of nights ago and realised that all that was needed was some basing so having finished the Schonwald troops I decided to do just that and add them to the collection. I have deliberately made uniforms and styles as diverse as possible and I think they have turned out ok.

 Once more all the figures are from commision figurines

I'm not sure when these will get an outing as Blucher is on hold for a while. My regular opponent having gone to England to work.


  1. Hi there, I too love the little mdf warriors. I noticed in one of your pics that you managed to get eagles on top of your French standards. May I ask how you did them? I am using dress pins for the poles but can't find a decent method of constructind a menacing French war sparrow!

  2. I use 0.45brass rods for the flag poles. I found a very strong way to attach them to the can see how I attach the here At first I used the eagles from old irregular and baccus figures I had and i mounted them by drilling the finial with a 0.5mm drill. This was an act of total lunacy to be hoest. It takes many years of practice to drill a hole in something that's about 0.6mm round.. I gave that up .. After talking a while with Walt , he came up with a cut through 3mm MDF which gave a an eagle shape 3mm long. They were great . All you need do is take a slice off the end with a sharp knife and you have a great eagle for 6mm fiugures.. To attach them I crushed the end of the brass rod flat with my flat face pliers and then stuck the eagles to the flattened rod with superglue. it's really strong and I haven't lost any yet..