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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

God's chosen city... Schonewald-Lubliche

         The die was cast. Schonewald was now a firmly founded state in the Klagenfurt Valley. Over the centuries the archbishops (backed by many religious relics including the famed pickled foreskin of Walther the misguided)   claimed the cathedral built in Lubliche made it the chosen city of god. This was in fact one of the prime reasons for the religious wars spreading to the old principality. As an aside Walther was given his name after converting to Judaism and after a visitation from god reconverting to the Christian faith. He was said to carry the relic with him everywhere as a reminder of his deviation from the true church and after his death and sainthood it was said to have miraculous powers.   

        Returning to the states military forces, Lubliche was the largest contributor as a result of both it's importance and financial status. It's contribution consisted of
1 x general of cavalry
2 x Guard inf companies
1 x Fuss grenadier companies
3 x centre companies
1 x Guard Cuirassiers squadrons
2 x squadrons of horse
1 x grenadier a cheval squadron
1 x honourable artillery company

           I am immensely satisfied that i have managed despite a summer of biblical or more precisely hellish temperatures managed to collect, convert and paint the Lubliche contingent of the archbishoprics army. What follows is a pictorial review . Hope you enjoy them as much as I have during their preparation.

         The post of archbishop is owned by hereditary right by the family von Hertz who for centuries had been a driving force in the valley. A family of prolific breeders, the role of archbishop is held by the eldest son while the second son is the head of the armed forces. Unfortunately the current archbishop Magnus sees himself more in the role of Julius Caeser rather than John the baptist and as such always commands the army in the field.  The facing colours are the same for all the towns troops irrespective of role. The Lubliche colour being purple

A suitable archbishop figure proved elusive as I didn't want a figure in full regalia. I chose a semi clerical garb with a large round hat which was obtained by the use of green stuff and a slither of paper. He is kind of grand in his purple greatcoat and red hat isn't he?

The single figure is the personality Johann Kepperwitze  a renowned leader of cavalry who served in many of the armies of the great powers and earned a reputation if not of strategic genius then a man of  uncontrolled valour. 

The lubliche guard grenadiers part of the first battalion of infantry which carry the standard of Klienstadt. Initial organisation called for the lublichers to carry the state flag but as a result of an administrative error they were allocated the Klienstadt flag while the klienstadt companies carry the state flag (ie I stuck the flags on the wrong companies ). These are figures from old glory.

The second battalion Schonewald infantry manned entirely by units from Lubliche. These are mainly Pendraken with some old glory conversions. These carry the Lubliche standard and a state flag.

The guard cuirassiers. A somewhat outdated look belies the elite nature of this squadron.

Pendraken Austrian malburians here.

Horse grenadier squadron.

two squadrons of horse these along with the two previous units form the first Schonewald horse rgt.

The second Schonewald Foot rgt. these are manned entirely from Lubliche troops and consists of the grenadier company and remaining 3 centre companies.

The honorable Lubliche company of artillery.

Finally I took a shot of the collected force from Lubliche

                  I have already started on the other three contingents and hopefully I will in a short while post the force in it's entirety. I can't stress enough how satisfying imagin-eering is proving to be and is inspiring me to return to writing hobby based short stories once again to support my gaming.