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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

For god and Schonewald

              It seems the Bishopric of Schonewald is taking me more time to put together than I expected. At face value it should be simple but I want the states to have a raison d'etre. Even imagination must be built on some sort of "reality".

              I think I have the economy and standing of the bishopric sorted in my head now so I needed a few things on paper to get started. The state is wealthy and would have an armed force consisting of an amalgam of each towns contribution. They would have a combined guard and grenadier battalion, three line battalions , two horse regiments and two artillery companies. Each towns contribution would be as follows.

Lubliche:-    2x guard companies, 1x grenadier company, 3x centre companies, 1x horse grenadier squadron, 1x cuirassier squadron 2x horse squadrons and 1x artillery company.

Klienstadt:- 1x grenadier company, 2x centre companies, 1x horse squadron.

Niehrfeld:- 2x centre companies, 1x grenadier company, 1x horse squadron

Schlemenfurt:- 1x grenadier company, 3x centre companies, 2x horse squadrons, 1x artillery company.

            Having got all that straight in my head I realised I hadn't fixed on perhaps the most important factor of all. Yes the flags. I played around for hours and decided on a state flag to be carried by each battalion or horse regiment plus a city or town standard to be carried by one of the battalions.  The national flag would be the bishops personal standard. I wanted big and gaudy but without religious symbols. I got gaudy but did build stars into  the design.

The state flag. I really like the colours and the star would be a constant image on the individual flags 

The first battalion would carry the colours of the smallest of the four towns, Klienstadt. The original plan was for the klienstadt grenadiers to carry the town flag while the state flag would be allocated to the Niehrfeld grenadiers . Unfortunately the QMG who was also the brother in law of the commander of the Lubliche guard infantry allocated the town flag to the guards leaving the Klienstadt grenadiers with no standard at all . This "error" has been a source of much bad feeling within the battalion and the inns and taverns of the town often ring with the clash of bayonets.

The second battalion consists of the Lubliche grenadier company and the three centre companies. They of course carry the city standard and a state flag.

 The third from Schlemenfurt  consists of the towns grenadier and centre companies. Their standard is the rearing dragon  of Schlemenfurt.


The final battalion formed from the  two Klienstadt centre companies combined with those of Niehrfeld. Since the Klienstadt colours were carried by the first battalion . the fourth battalion was allocated the prancing horse of Niehrfeld. 

               So the infantry are be-flagged and organised and it is time to start painting. The first battalion is complete and the second battalion undergoing basing so hopefully my next post will contain pictures at last.