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Monday, 19 December 2016

Time for a change.

                   I began the Napoleonic project back in November 2014 with the aim of doing as much as I could in the 6 months it normally took for me to tire of a period or scale. It's now December 2016 and I have worked continuously to build a Napoleonic set up that I am extremely proud of but it's time to call a halt. I was hoping that Walt would have his ACW troops ready by now but I haven't gotten my hands on them yet so I returned to the bits box. As I posted previously, my choice was 10mm imaginations again and the marine tester my first result. After some feverish work, I finalised the standards, cleaned and converted a few bases more and the Biehlberg marine battalion was born.

                  The marines were born in the time during which Biehlbergs growing fleet of small ships took first to the "Zondersee", moved out into the ocean and later took part in the race to colonise the "Neue-Welt". Begun as a defensive force for the then Duchess's navy they  later grew into a combined battalion in the modern Biehlberg land forces. When they were absorbed into the army they retained their status and their slightly archaic uniforms and the right to hold the right of the line.

               In figure terms I used 10mm figures from the Pendraken league of Augsberg range mainly the flintlock infantry. I am heartily pleased with them and as I write this the term "colonise the Neue-Welt" has given me an idea for an irregular infantry battalion. Now where the hell did I leave that pack of "Rogers Rangers".

         They are distinguished by the fact that they are currently one of the only battalions with unit markings and battle honours on the National Standard. They are led by the somewhat elusive figure of  Gerhardt Von Bloch but that's another story for the future.

                   So here they are the marines in all their glory. Seebataillon Von Kohnfeldt

 I have to admit that my eyes have been a real problem painting these but I am also really happy with the result. I have a unit that is a bit different, that stands out from the rest of the army and I just can't wait to game with.

The figures are pendraken and if Leon reads this an absolute joy to paint.  Nicely animated and so full of character.

                                 Now for those damn jaegers.