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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Testing, testing

                 Fired up by my last post I found and cleaned up and where necessary, converted some Pendraken LoA Flintlock men to act as a marine battalion. I really wasn't sure if they were what I wanted so for the first time I decided to paint just one element to "feel the water"!

                 I completed it this morning and I have to say they are EXACTLY what I was after. I am really pleased with them and the rest of the battalion are on the cleaning bench right now.   Can't wait to get the Biehlberg marines on the table..

My eyes are certainly not what they were but even so at 10mm they don't look too bad.


  1. The tester unit looks good to me Robert. One thing I've learnt with 10mm is that the colours need to be brighter than you think when on the wargames table, especially blue.

    1. heheheh The coat wasn't meant to be blue. I actually wanted a "navy blue" but when I used that it looked black.. That's how I ended up with the blue you see on the figures.. So you are absolutely right hahah.

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    1. Thanks , I do have to say though is they are soooooo damn big. They take ages to paint.