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Sunday, 4 December 2016

"Imagineering" a new impetus

          I have played a few games of "Maurice " lately using my two imaginary duchies of Biehlberg and Gromstadt. Now I enjoyed those games very much but even more I was attracted to the idea of the two duchies once more. When I first visualised them they were situated "somewhere" in Europe which would allow the appearance of forces from the major powers etc.  As time went on it became apparent they didn't need that kind of prop and if I moved completely into the realms of Imagination I could provide variety and supplement the forces with troops from various city states and bishoprics around the main antagonists. Somewhere I have a map of the duchies showing them to border a large inland lake/sea the "Zondersee" this had an outlet to the sea allowing foreign trade and "New worlds". That's about how far I had planned when I was bitten by the 6mm Napoleonic bug.

               During our last game my opponent mentioned we might need some more infantry units. That got me thinking about the Duchies again and I vaguely remembered buying some LoA troops I had planned to use as marines. For the first time in a while my interest was REALLY fired up. I dug out my bits box of 10mm troops and found the bags of tiny lead soldiers I wanted. A bit of base planning some cleaning and a little conversion and The "first seebataillon" was called to the colours.
The first problem I discovered is that my eyesight is deteriorating badly and I was having trouble seeing the details and undercuts. A trip to the opticians was planned but meanwhile and way more importantly they would need a pair of flags.. After a little web surfing and work in paint I came up with these two which fitted nicely with the normal Biehlberg standards.

               So! That's the hard bit done all that remains is to paint them. Further thoughts lead me onto the Zondersee itself and wondering what rules to use with my fleet of small cardboard ships.

               Although made of card, these are quite pretty and I wasn't sure what kind of rules I wanted. On the basis of my enjoyment of a fun set like "Maurice" I really want a set to match them. My current thoughts are to adapt the "Too Fat Lardies" ruleset . I seem to remember them focussing on fun rather than mathematics.  Guess it's time to find what the heck I did with them..  


  1. Robert, what's the name of the TFL rules set. Is that "Kiss me, Hardy?"

  2. yes spot on "Kiss me, Hardy". They were very basic but seem like a lot of fun. I have found my copy but they aren't really aimed at brigs sloops and gunboats which is what I will be using. I need to take a much closer look and see if I can adapt them.

  3. I was thinking that cutters and brigantines would be just the thing for inland waters. Those are very nice vessels. Cardboard you say? Far out!

    1. I have a dozen of these small vessels. The brig is the biggest. They are made from 1776 great lakes card kits published by a chap from the US you can see them at I also have an early 28 gun Dutch frigate that I scaled up from his 1/600 range but that is still unbuilt as yet. I'm a little concerned it may represent a weapon of mass destruction for the rest of my fleet.