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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

If you go down to the woods.

                  Having now been well and truly bitten by the imagineering bug I delved through the bits box to see what remained to paint. Answer "Not a lot".. I did however find a bag of pendraken 10mm "Rogers Rangers" from the FIW range. Mighty nice they were too. Now I have always been fascinated by the unit I think as a result of films and books read as a child. So a quick google of pictures and flags produced these images


   The figure was very cool and the Pendraken miniatures very close to this image. Now I wouldn't be me if I just went straight for these so I grabbed some figures from other FIW packs, added a few 7Ywar figs and did some head swapping. I liked the results.  I also Loved the standard . Really colourful with strong images that matched the figure range but it wasn't really "Biehlbergian" and  would need modifying  to suit my needs. First the green proved to dark when my printer downsized it and the British motifs had to go. I was also going to need a back story for the unit to justify their existence so it was back to the drawing board with my imaginations hat on (not literally of course)         

                             In the early part of the century the duchy was desperately in need of solid funding . Meanwhile the king of the Albion was busy developing settlements in the "Neue-Welt" and facing stiff opposition from the other major powers.  The word was out he needed mercenaries. The then herzog  Erich von Biehlberg commissioned Karl von Roetger (a bit of an adventurer and dubious character by all accounts) to raise a batallion of jaegers to serve in foreign lands at great economic advantage to the duchy. Against all expectations the unit proved to be redoubtable and well respected by the Albion forces. The unit came in time to be known by the Albioneses as "Roetger's Rangers"
(see what I did there?) A name they were allowed to keep on their return to Biehlberg.  

                           Having sorted a backstory I now needed a unit standard and the troops themselves. The initial design was the flag itself. First I lost the union flags and the crown. As stated previously the green printed way too dark and I had to lighten it. I decided to replace the central motif with the image of Herzogin Bertha and child (the great grandmother of the current herzog)used on all Biehlberg flags and the Biehlberg eagle substituted for the crown. Finally to finish it off the obverse was a green background with the eagle outlined in the yellow used on the shield. The final result looked like this.

I liked it!

                                   The majority of the figures were straight from the packet but I did use drummers and officers from other sets with the ranger heads on and indeed replaced some of the ranger heads with tricornes which produced a good range of  miniatures with a nice irregular air about them. Here is the end result.


 In mounting the bases I placed some elements in 3-2-3 formation and others in 2-3-2 so that when in line they kept a reasonable semblance of open order.

The trial piece didn't look quite right so I added the red headband as an afterthought which I felt really accentuated the bonnet.(the current herzogin likes red anyway)

Each base became almost a mini diorama greatly helped by the variety of figures I used. Finally I love the standard. It really looks the part. This unit is in danger of becoming my favourite.


                       I really enjoyed putting these and the marines together and had lots of fun with colours and standards so I have decided to put together some of the minor states around the two duchies . Just a couple of units per state will do . To that end I placed a small order with Pendraken last night for infantry and cavalry.  COME ON POSTIE!


  1. The Rogers Rangers figures are rather nice and they performed well in an earlier game this Autumn, much to my opponents disgust:). I really like Imagi-Nations gaming as you can pick and choose all of your favourite figures etc. What's not to like?

    1. I was bitten at an early age and I simply love the planning and the designing of both troops and standards and indeed the backgrounds that justify their existence. I am slowly developing the folks who inhabit the lands but that's long term.

  2. Great unit and background about it's development, in both Imagination and figure terms. With the bright green uniforms and my own medical background, "Roentgen's Ranger's" might have been my choice for their name (Roentgen was the discover of X-rays, as you likely know). :-)

    1. Yes seems I am once again drawn to the duchies and their allies. I guess it's a gaming media I will always be drawn to.

  3. What great figures and bases,so full of character.

    1. Thanks and I have to say that the pendraken figures have never disappointed me in their variants and animation.