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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The heart of geekdom...

                        I have spent the last few weeks reorganizing my bunker. Some of it I transferred to the garage which is now basically a games room with large table whilst the bunker has now become a modelling/painting room and above all a computer games room. Computer gaming being my second obsession. As part of the change I have fitted a new wall support for my second screen which now swings out from the wall and allows me to double box games like Eve without constantly tabbing out or breaking my kneck to see the second monitor. I'm highly delighted with the end result and look forward to many happy hours of gaming and skyping friends and relatives. As you can see from the photos the bunker is a bespoke tailored support capsule fitted to my body size  heheheheh...


 The bunker in all it's glory. BTW this phot is taken from just outside the bunker . It measure 1m 40 x 2 metres. There is NO usable bare wall space apart from where I removed a monitor and I have a picture frame to fit there. If you look carefully you can see my reflection in the glass cupboard above the table

 Double boxing "Eve" The second monitor swings back to the wall when not in use as shown in the photo above

Finally the self confessed geek in his bunker. Snug fit or what?

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