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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Between a rock and a hard place.....

Yesterday for the first time in a while, I managed to get together with two of my group for a game of Blucher using our 1809 troops.  It was a fictional meeting but represented the Austrians attempt to isolate Davout by coming between his third corps and the main body of the French army and reserves.

                     Some 55,000 Austrians descended on a the VIII corps (Wurtembergers) which was some 12,000 strong.The commander was aware that during the day the Bavarian VIIth corps 35,000 troops  would arrive little by little to reinforce his defense.  The Austrian IVth and Vth corps arrived from the South the Vth arriving a couple of hours after the IVth. The VIth corps arrived in the early afternoon. The following battle was extremely bloody with the "French" hanging on till darkness fell although both forces were close to breaking. The affair was fought by two very agressive generals and we completed the 30 turn day in just under 4 hours. A truly enjoyable contest.  There is no AAR as such but I hope the pictures convey the very Napoleonic feel of the contest and its size with only two players. .All of the troops are 6mm MDF from Commission figurines.

   The overall battlefield shown from the east is bordered by a river to the North and dominated by the heights to the north-east. The valley is spotted with woodlands and numerous small farms. The road to the river crossing is blocked by a small village forming a choke point between woodlands and growing crops. A fact the "french" commander would make good use of later.

On the eve of the battle the Wurtemburgers move out of the town and take position around the river crossing while sending troops forward to occupy the village.   The photo to the left is the view from the Austrian entry point. Top right is the view from the heights

To the left is the view from the north side of the river To the right is the view of the Wurtemburgers dispositions.

 A few shots taken during the battle. As you can see it became quite crowded towards the end of the day. 




  1. Looks like you had a good time


    1. As we hadn't played for a couple of months it turned out to be a hoot. Niether side had any idea of what the other would bring to the table so the groans and moans were quite extreme. The "French" commander appeared to go into shock as the third Austrian corps arrived. Mumbles were heard of "not fair fight" etc.

  2. Always good to see some 1809 wargaming goodness, especially with CoR troops.
    Needs some Badeners, though! :-)

    1. heheh I'm afraid Massena and IVth corps were somewhat delayed...

  3. Smashing stuff! I really want to try Blücher but of course that would mean.... Napoleonics! Arghhh!