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Sunday, 6 November 2016

And it's back to the toys.....

              Yeap I finally got into gear with my woodpile and started painting 6mm figures again. I have been meaning for some time to paint up some of those often neglected units like landwehr but by brigade not by battalion. In order to avoid the boredom factor I did a bit of reading to find some variations within the brigades and fortunately Rawkins latest booklet The austrian army   provided just the info I needed. He explains how the in certain regiments the first battalion would be fully equipped while the second and third had steadily declining standards and that's what I decided to model. The figures are as always the 6mm MDF figures from commission figurines    

                   Here are the finished battalions and the full brigade. I really enjoyed preparing and painting these fellows.

   The first battalion in full uniform wearing the "normal" landwehr dress for 1809.


The second battalion wearing a military style topcoat cut a little loose to enabler it to be worn over civilian dress. I also carved off the backpacks and gave them haversacks more appropriate at this time to civilian dress.


Third battalion. These guys wear civilian clothing but with the collars and cuffs of their civilian style top coats dyed in the facing colour to give some semblance of military uniformity. Again I replaced the backpacks with haversacks.

 Finally the entire brigade assembled and based for Blucher. I only need three more of these for my requirements...  Must crack on.


  1. I must say that I really enjoyed doing my own Austrian Landwehr for the 2009 Landwehr project. There is a lot of variety possible there!

  2. Would like to send some photos of some of my mdf figures inspired by you.

    How can i do this