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Saturday, 1 October 2016

The return of the guard.

                   Some of Walt's newer figures were making my early efforts look a bit shabby so I decided to revisit the guard. It's taken a while as the good weather is continuing well into Autumn. Last week however I did manage to knuckle down a bit  and finish them off. The horse artillery and the two pèrsonalities ar from Adler but the rest are 6mm MDF from commission figurines

                  Here are the results and yes I repeat I know the lancers did not carry lances in 1809 but my lancers do :)

The collected elements of the guard based for Blucher

The recently completed elements.

 close ups of the Blucher basing.

I'm not sure what comes next but I still have thoughts about the peninsula.


  1. Knowing the uniforms well, I can identify the units with surprising ease, given their size - one of the things I like best about your MDF troops, Robert!