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Monday, 24 October 2016

A little of what you fancy...

                   Well I still have a lack of positive drive at the moment mainly because of the late season weather and also because I have become addicted once again to "Eve" online. What an incredibly deep game it is. As a result I have not really felt like painting huge numbers of figures but have found time to concentrate on some unusual units I have been meaning to get round to for a while. 

                     Two elements this week . One let us call "young guard" and the other a unit of Italian Guard cavalry. I have chosen to take close up photos of these elements because although it somewhat exposes my painting techniques it highlights the charm these figures have.

The "Young Guard" are a battalion of Fusilier Chasseurs in great coats. Now it's possible I have made a mistake here because I chose a dark blue greatcoat as per guard units but these guys may have used grey greatcoats. So be it.

If they are wrong I don't intend to change them as I think they look good in the blue  heheheh. 


The Italians that I chose to model are the "Guardia d'Onore". I was particularly attracted by the fact the body consists of 5 companies all dressed in different uniforms in 1809. I settled on four of them because of my base restrictions

    I also like the fact they were still in bicorns at this time although this did mean I had to convert them. I used an early Austrian model from Commision and the heads from the bicorn infantry. I really like the result.

I'm afraid that's all I managed this week but hopefully I will manage more in the weeks to come.


  1. Very nice; I especially like the Guardia di Onore. I don't think anyone does figures fopr them in any scale. I did my one in the later, flashier dark green uniforms and helmets, using Belgian Carabinier figures for 1815

    1. They are a colourful lot I must admit. Although the 1809 version is with bicorn I was seriously tempted to model the version you did, principally because in his newer figures Walt has a cavalry figure with that snazzy helmet . Up till now I haven't found a good reason for using them... heheheh. In the end I went for 1809 because of the variation in uniform colours.