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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A horseman riding by...

                Wow it's been a while since my last post. The summer has been so splendid here that it seemed such a waste of life to be sat in my bunker painting. I'm afraid the last couple of months have been more about fixing bits and pieces around the house and preparing for a huge reunion of old friends in September. However the call of the hobby is as strong as ever. Our on line system for Scharnhorst using cyberboard and google drive is now up and running with the 1809 campaign in Italy well into the first week. It's working very well and proving most enjoyable.
                 A quick check of my unit lists highlighted a lack of light cavalry elements so little by little I have been prepping and painting units for both armies. I have six done in the last weeks and fine they look too. I also received my order from various Amazon finds of Hourtouelle books. I bought "jena auerstadt", "Friedland" and "Marengo". I have to say I absolutely love them.  These, along with the Rawkins booklets and my collection of  John Gill books are simply my go to books now. Lovely stuff. Anyhow enough rambling here are the latest elements ready for the table.

The elements are two Austrian hussars, two Austrian light horse (one in white one in green) and two French chasseurs a cheval,

          French Chasseurs

 Austrian lights

 Austrian hussars

I also have prepped some rather splendid fellows from some of Walt's later designs which will replace the Imperial guard units I did a couple of years ago. The originals will revert to line status..