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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Which path should we take Gandalf??

                               I sat last night and pondered my 1809 French and Austrian forces. I have a LOT I guess around a hundred bases mounted for Blucher maybe more. I had to admit my retirement plan certainly worked. The lead mountain remains buried somewhere down in my garage and I feel no guilt or need to dig it out at present. I have the result of three very major projects completed and gleaming on my shelves and through sheer dogged determination I have a Napoleonic setup fully painted with terrain, buildings etc etc. Very satisfying .
                                It all means I can release the butterfly and explore all those ideas I had pushed firmly aside over the last 3 years. One by one I discarded them and to my total amazement I found myself considering more 6mm Napoleonics. Not only that , still in 1809. We would go to Spain. Now my present plan revolves around His majesties forces in the peninsula and their Spanish allies. I would probably need a few more German troop types but not many. What is more I can do them all in 6mm MDF..
                               I think my main reason for staying in the era is because we have a set of rules that works for most of us. Our somewhat modified Blucher rules have proved very satisfactory but for the smaller contacts in the Peninsula I may explore rules sets like Sharp practice 2 as I have had some good reports. However that's the route but I think I'll knock out some more French and Austrians before I set off heheheh


  1. Spain circa 1809 seems a very reasonable branch point; indeed, it is my intended project for 2017 - 2018, although in 28mm.

  2. Yeap, strikes me as the right way to go. A lot of my Bavarian war stuff will be interchangeable. The commission Brits are really nice too. There is even a rather amazing bagpiper in the highlander set.