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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Real estate and some Austrians.

                   Not a lot to show this week as I have been preparing for a large multiplayer Blucher on Sunday 12/6. It will be a single battlefield over three tables each one having its own Mo dice which should reduce the lak of involvement that a lot of our large Blucher games have had for some players. It's a grand affair involving 6 French corps and 7 Austrian Korps. As a result I have not been able to get much off the paint table this week.
                    In preparation for the game I did manage to base up a couple of villages and another Austrian brigade. The buildings are from the Total battle miniatures 100 days range which have a much reduced footprint. They really are very nice and you can fit a lot into a small space. They are a standard base size so if troops move in we replace the village with a BUA base and put the troops on the base.I'm pleased with the appearance of these.

 Austrian Infantry brigade. pretty much standard.

 This village includes "La Belle Alliance". Fitted in rather well

Collection of random buildings. Nice composition.


  1. Those villages work rather nicely. I look forward to seeing how your game went on Sunday.

    1. yes the small footprint means you can get a lot into the space. Sunday went gloriously but more of that later.

  2. Love the villages, and more Kaiserlicks are always welcome!
    Good luck with the game this weekend!

    1. Those buildings by TBM are among the best wargames buildings I have ever seen. I love them and the game was a dream more later.