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Saturday, 25 June 2016

hair curlers and their importance in the ACW....

                       The next stage of the hair curler revolution came in I think 1981 when Andy Callan presented an ACW game with hair curler at a CoW weekend. I liked them and decided the ACW was something I would like to explore.  He had used a different roller to mine and what attracted me was the fact you can make the cavalry from the rollers as well. I had a great deal of fun with these and they have been rebased at various times but these pics are their final condition. After many years using these I decided to try a what if campaign with the British invading from Canada and I also considered the fact that as they are so generic I could use them for the Crimean War as well.

                 Here are the last lot of pictures I did of these

First the Union troops. All made as shown at curlers how to. very simple and fast to paint . Once again don't get up close they look awful but give them a nice base, a good flag and some nice looking terrain they will be a pleasure to play with

made in exactly the same way. Mix of colours for variation and distinctive colours to define zouaves etc. 

Again the real effect lies in basing standards and terrain.

As mentioned earlier I also wanted to explore the possibilities of European intervention in the ACW so I have duly built a British expeditionary force

currently consisting of 12 regular battalions of infantry, 6 Canadian battalions, a light cavalry brigade, a  heavy cavalry brigade and 5 artillery batteries. 

Somewhere I have a Russian Crimean army half completed. I may dig it out one day when I can be bothered. 


  1. Once again, it is very impressive hopw good they look viewed from a distance, as intended.

    1. Yes and with absolute minimal painting. I'm furiously searching for my Russian Crimean armt at the moment. Lord knows where they are.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you , that was certainly the eefect they had on me when I first saw curler armies in use.