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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Returned under full sail...(The Wurttembergers)

                         Well my moment of inactivity lasted a good few days but accompanied by some nagging from my wife, by now tired of my moping around, I settled down to complete the Wurttembergers. I have modelled the entire VIII corps under Vandamme in 1809 (April). It consisted of 10,000 infantry, 2250 cavalry and 1 foot battery and 2 horse batteries. Some of my sources also mention a couple of 12 pounder French foot batteries and although I have some doubts, I modelled these as well. The French are modelled as a grouped, while the national guns are attached at brigade level. Here's the force in all it's 6mm MDF glory..

There were some interesting but not difficult conversions but basically I used the figures from the commision figurines catalogue I will describe each in turn.

The boss himself Vandamme. The generals are from the Adler personality set. Lovely figures and easy to paint. The escort is the elite troop from the chevaulegers for which I used the cavalry in bearskin.

The grouped 12 pounders are straight from the packet . Walt produces both medium and heavy guns.

The light division. By 1809 these were wearing shakos, however they were still using haversacks instead of backpacks. At first I was prepared to turn a blind eye but in the end I went for the change. I carved off the backpacks and added haversacks from cartridge paper.

Line Infantry. In 1809 these wore helmets and haversacks. So I used the helmetted infantry , carved off the backpacks and added haversacks from cartridge paper. I think it was worth doing .

Chevaulegers. Simple one here. I used the French dragoons with an added carbine in cartridge paper. I like these.

Jaegers zu pferde. I love these. I used the new model Austrian helmeted cavalry. Very nice. All I added was the muskets.  

                            So there we have it. A nice little corps, ideal in size for Blucher. The standards are a little bit fantasy based as most units either didn't carry them on campaign or even lacked standards . This particularly applies to the cavalry. I however like a bit of colour in 6mm and so I used my "artistic interpretation". I now need to complete the Poles and the Westphalians to include the major components of  Napoleon's German alliance. I think however I need to concentrate on standard French and Austrian units for a while. Less pressure to finish etc. 


  1. gran trabajo ! que pasada de ejercito

    great job !

  2. Excellent work Robert and nice to see you are back into the swing of things.

    1. Thanks . Good thing my wife sees my hobby as a positive factor in my life.

  3. Vandamme would be proud... but never say so! :-)
    It is said that his acerbic tongue prevented him from becoming a Marshal.
    Great little force!

    1. heheh. In "With Eagles to glory" Gill quotes Napoleon as saying (because of Vandammes bellicosity)
      "If I had two Vandammes I would have to shoot one of them"..
      Made me laugh a lot.