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Monday, 23 May 2016

A fistfull of French...... (6mm MDF again)

                         After so many varied and colourful allied units I thought it best to return to some very basic and mundane French units. I also came to the conclusion that I should empty some bags of MDF figures and reduce the woodpile. I managed to scrape together  five Blucher elements of mixed line and light infantry plus a number of attached artillery batteries and skirmish markers. I think they have turned out just fine. I also decided to use the last of the Grenadier a cheval figures I found in the box to make an base of !809 French carabiniers. I really like these. They are some of the newer figures Walt from Commission figurines sent me.

                        Here they are in full and in detail...

 Carabiniers. Nice figures a couple of conversions here but not many.

Line and light infantry in greatcoats . I am rather pleased with a mounted officer I converted to be wearing a rain cape.

normal boring line and light infantry.

Below is a clear shot of the mounted officer in rain cape.. Very fiddly

        I am not really sure what to do next.The allied army is huge now and I guess I am short about a 12 bases for Wagram. I have two complete French corps, the guard, the Bavarians, the Wurtembergers  and all of the Italians. I may just hammer out a few Austrian line infantry now.


  1. A question - how long does it take to actually paint these guys? I imagine it would be pretty quick.

    1. oh remarkably quick I can paint these in about a quarter of the time I would paint metal figures. I can paint a base of infantry in about 4 hours

    2. More great work, I also have found I can paint these up faster than I paint metal too.