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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Becalmed in still waters......

                     I have been working on my 6mm collection for well over a year now and the armies are (for me) huge. I have never managed to sustain an effort quite like this one ever. However it seems the voyage is stuck in the doldrums right now. Somewhere between my wifes 70th birthday celebration in the uk and my subsequent visit to Salute last week, the wind has gone out of my sails. It's really hard to knuckle down to painting again. I did manage to prep the Wurtemburgers and yesterday I undercoated them. I now have 300 infantry 50 cavalry and a few guns staring at me from the paint bench and I really can't be arsed.  Making matters worse the summer is arriving in style. The sun is on my terrace and the temperatures reaching 30 degrees. The forest is calling...

                   I think part of the problem was Salute. I think it was probably one of the best organised and attended Salutes I can remember but it failed to excite me. I normally return with some sort of inspiration and goodies I shouldn't have bought. I bought 6 dice and a paintbrush. Now I remember the heady days of Kensington town hall in which my group "Elite wargamers" (we were a modest bunch) regularly participated.  My but they were exciting times. So much new to see and so many new delights at every show. This year I was overpowered by the diversity of what is available. Sometimes I wonder if we don't have it too easy now. Maybe that's what drives me to weird methods of gaming and figures that need lots of work on them (hair curlers , MDF figures, every figure in an army different etc etc.) I enjoyed Salute but it really didn't do it for me. I got lost in a sea of non historical gaming. Now don't get me wrong I love fantasy and sci fi but the plethora of figures and worse the number of rule sets to support the ranges just left me bewildered. Ah well maybe next year.

                So here I sit looking for a catalyst to make me work. Maybe it's not that, perhaps I'm just getting old....

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

From elector to King.... (and these ARE 6mm)

                     As the title suggests, in 1806 Napoleon raised Joseph of Bavaria from elector to king. In return in 1809, to take part in the war against Austria, the king supplied a well armed efficient fighting force of around 22,000 infantry, 4500 cavalry and 12 gun batteries to VII corps under command of Marshal Lefebvre. The Austrians had counted on the Bavarians deserting to their cause. How wrong could they be. This week I finished the final elements to complete the whole corps as it existed in April 1809. I must admit it's with some relief but producing the forces of the allies in miniature has always been something I have aspired to in Napoleonics. I now have the Saxon and Bavarian corps completed, a fact I find very satisfying.

                      I present Lefebvre's VIIth corps. All are 6mm and manufactured in MDF by Commision Figurines apart from the officers that are the beautiful figures from Adler

The final elements are:-

First up a light horse brigade. Until now the cavalry have been conversions but this one is made from commision figurines latest batch of cavalry figures. very splendid. I added carbines and plumes.

The last of the new elements consist of the 2 infantry elements and the horse artillery massed for the purpose of the rules. 


the corps parades for inspection..

Not a lot to say really. It seems a bit of an anti climax after all the effort it took to reach this point but It was worth it and I can't wait to see them all on the table. 

                     No time to let the weeds grow. VIII corps is next. Wurtemberg!