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Monday, 21 March 2016

OI!!!! That's not 6mm

                      Close examination of the following item will show that the figures are certainly not 6mm.  I have to admit that the large game played at our annual meet left me just a tad burned out on 6mm and Blucher. I needed a change for a short break. I decided to revisit my 10mm imaginations of  Biehlberg and Gromstadt. I didn't however want to buy any fresh figures, so I emptied the contents of the bit-box to see what I could find.  With a bit of effort I scraped together 24 Pendraken cavalry. 12 hussars and command 4 horse, 5 cuirassiers and an assortment of command figures. Not an easy unit to put together but all was not lost enter Graf von Arzenschitzen.

                     Graf Karl von Arzenschitzen was the current head of a small region of Gromstadt consisting of 3 small holdings of Rauchen, Fuman and Schmoken. He also saw himself as a warrior despite his tendency to rotundity. As the atmosphere between Biehlberg and Gromstadt grew chillier and after a careful examination of his coffers he decided to sponsor a cavalry force for the Ducal army. The source of his forces would be the second, third and in some cases fourth  sons of the not too wealthy nobility that seemed so prolific in his corner of the state. Any short fall would of course be completed from the scouring of local jails. Strangely enough many of those sourced in this manner turned out to be fifth and often bastard sons of the same under occupied nobility.  After an eye watering expenditure on horses and a barracks building, the Graf made the mistake of allowing his troops to decide what role they would fulfil.  He did however insist on fulfilling his own desire for a unit of the new fangled Uhlans. This was, as suggested, a mistake and in order to prevent widespread bloodshed the following units were assembled.

The ritters von Rauchen  one squadron  (the cuirassiers and command)
The ritters von Fuman     one squadron  (the horse and command)
The Schmoken Uhlans two squadrons.   (the hussars and command)

                  The unit would prove to be a challenge to control and indeed to decide exactly how to use them.

                    Now I had a lot of fun here juggling figures to get some semblance of organisation, designing the flags and settling on the uniform colours to use. In particular the lancers were a small challenge as I wanted them in tricornes.  The results are shown below.


Ritters von Rauchen. these are the 3 cuirassiers and assorted command figures.  Grey uniform with red facings. Oddly the trumpeter wears a blue coat. many theories exist for this.

      The truth is that there was much discussion around the musicians uniforms and there is evidence that the affair was settled by a duel between the colonels.

Ritters Von Fuman. a squadron of regular horse. The duel decided the matter and the von Rauchen squadron has grey coats with blue facings but the trumpeter wears a red coat.

Der Schmoken Uhlans. Really enjoyed this element. First I cut off the heads and sabres . drilled out the hands for lances and added heads from old glory infantry.

 The result is a colourful if not somewhat whacky unit with a lot of character. I guess that's what imaginations is partly about.

                      I enjoyed this regiment and have an uneasy feeling this could be one of those "I'm worried about the Inniskilins" units.   


 Well I think that about satisfies my need for a break. back to Blucher and 6mm. Oh wait theres quite a bit of infantry in that box!!!!!!