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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Almost on the Danube.

                                   This weekend 20th Feb is our local Napoleonic open day in Montmelo (yeah formula 1 fame etc.) I volunteered to plan perhaps our most ambitious game of Blucher to date with 6 army corps per side and played over 3 tables.  I have to admit that I had forgotten how much effort is required to mount a game of this type. Yes I have left myself a typed message saying "do not do that again". All this accounts for my lack of updates on the blog lately.

                                      One of the things I have meant to get around to for some time now is to replace the various cards we have been using for corps commanders with physical models mounted with their stats on a more aesthetic base than the cards.  My main problem was that all my personality figures are mounted on 20x20mm metal bases which leaves no room for embellishment However, my recent experience with magnetic sabots etc led me to settle on a 40x30  metal base with added info and perhaps an escort. Here then are the results. The characters are from Adler's wonderful range and the escorts etc. from commision miniatures 6mm MDF line. I really like the results and despite the differences, they work well together on a shared base. First the additional inserts made from MDF figures.

 Left to right a caisson made from pieces in the arillery packet. Imperial guard grenadiers a cheval , Bavarian light cavalry. These last two are from the new figures I received at Xmas. lovely figures a joy to paint and even more of a joy that I don't have to convert the damn things anymore.

Austrian light dragoons/light horse . Again these are new figures and are just the ticket a great improvement on the original cuts. 

uhlans, grenadiers , limber and Austrian Hussars. The lancers are of course my conversions but the rest are straight from the box.

  The sabot and tickets are 40x30 MDF with magnetic tape on and a thin label along one side.

Above the basic components and to left and right some examples. These will certainly improve the appearance of our game.

                   We are as stated campaigning along the Danube and Isar in Spring so in order to supplement the few bridges across the two rivers the Austrians are bringing along a bridging train. Unfortunately I don't have one in my collection so I dived into the MDF bits box and put one together . I think it will do the job just fine. One die box will mark the unit strength and the other the turns spent in construction.

Very pleased with this as it's something I have wanted for a while now. Just need to invent some rules before Friday . heheheheh

Hopefully after the weekend I can knuckle down to producing the wurtemberg VIIIth corps. <Sigh> so little time. How can that be when your retired?


  1. Nice additions/refinements. Hopefully the "Big Game" will be memorable and thus well worth the time and effort put into it. Sometimes they are, and sometimes, they aren't, right?

  2. Beautiful additions, love the last vignette, always nice on our tables!