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Thursday, 14 January 2016

wittling in 6mm...... MDF uhlans

                Remember those uhlans I posted in the nude in my last post? here is a reminder

                I spent a day or so on painting them. The final result is ready for show

These along with the French guard lancers have been the most testing conversions I have done. The base is the light horseman with shako. I think they have turned out just fine. 


  1. oh dear.... heheh.. If your going to try conversions don't start with this one.

  2. Robert, cartidge paper plays a big role in your conversions. For the nonBritish among us, what is cartridge paper?

    These are beautiful. How did you do the lances? I have some light cavalry in shakos going begging....

    1. Cartridge paper is the paper used by artists for sketching and comes in various colours. Not thick enough to be cardboard but thicker than printer paper. Here in Spain it is called cartulina fina. The lances are in fact very simple. I used the same method as for the standards but drilled the hole further back from the leg . The further back on the horse the greater the angle. you can find a description in

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! They severely tested my patience heheheh

    2. They'd test my eye sight as well!!!

  4. Once again, it is amazing how your paint job really brings these to life. A bit reminiscent of Flats in that way!