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Friday, 8 January 2016

The postman calls......

                 Yesterday the postman brought me a very unexpected parcel. It contained some troops I had ordered from commission figurines but the really exciting bit is that it had a small bag of spanking new cavalry figures which I assume are new additions to the range but might be samples of things to come. I really don't know yet as not having heard from Walt over the holidays I didn't know they were coming.  They are simply brilliant. They range from Bavarian cavalry to Russian Guard cavalry to British light cavalry in tarleton.
                   Without further comment here they are in their nude form..


The unusual figure of British light cavalry in tarleton  came out well.
On the right the Bavarian light cavalry. Nice to see having spent hours converting loads. Thanks Walt!

Great selection of cavalry covering most of the needs of the Russians and indeed many of the elaborately helmeted units of post 1809. I am so impressed with these particularly the one to the left. So hard to do in MDF. How does that extended comb stay there.

 There are also Highlanders , British RHA, I'm quite excited by this selection. If only Walt could get his web page up to date hahahahahahah. Earlier I asked "is that it?" Seems I spoke to soon.

They inspired me to make a start on the austrian Uhlans.

Painted pictures next week


  1. Thanks for the preview Michael. The conversions look good and can't wait to see them painted.

  2. I find it fascinating how much your paint job brings these figures to life!

    1. I remember the 15mm irregular miniatures figures I used back in the 80's and 90's every review would say awful figures with little detail but once you had trimmed a bit of mould lines and undercoated them in black they were remarkable. Simple multiposed figures that painted up delightfully. As a result I never judge figures till I see them painted and often tell critics of the MDF figures the same.

  3. Hi

    Just a quick question your bicorne saxon cavalry are they conversions.


    1. I'm afraid so Ian. because of the limitations of laser cutting Walt can only produce front to back bicornes. If you want them side to side you need to cut off the heads and stick them on again. however if you use the method described here Because the saxons have the pointed shabraque I used chasseurs and cut the heads off the infantry