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Saturday, 16 January 2016

my latest toy

    I recently purchased some microline pigma brushes ie paint in a pen from Sakura. I bought several colours but brown has proven the most useful. I bought them after folks recomended them for fine lining and shading with particular reference to cross belts. Unfortunately I haven't found any in white yet. They have proved particularly useful when shading whitecross belts on a white background as per Austrian uniforms. I have found them extremely useful. They need a steady hand but outlining the cross belts on my Austrians has been much simpler with this method. The shading tends to dry with a gloss finish but as I varnish with gloss and then when dry with a matt varnish they finish quite well

Here are a couple of examples and a view of the pen

The brushes with a bit of practice give a 0.2mm line. This however varies with pressure so you should practice lots.... The point maintains its form if your gentle with the brush and as yet I'm still on the first pen.

guns for the saxons
                                     With the introduction of some house rules for artillery I needed to break down the massed battery we currently have for the saxon corps and provide individual batteries for attached batteries. I decided to make them all at once.

The figures are the new artillery from commision figurines that come with rammers and levers etc. Very nice too. The pic on the right shows one of the batteries in its attached position. 

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