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Saturday, 16 January 2016

my latest toy

    I recently purchased some microline pigma brushes ie paint in a pen from Sakura. I bought several colours but brown has proven the most useful. I bought them after folks recomended them for fine lining and shading with particular reference to cross belts. Unfortunately I haven't found any in white yet. They have proved particularly useful when shading whitecross belts on a white background as per Austrian uniforms. I have found them extremely useful. They need a steady hand but outlining the cross belts on my Austrians has been much simpler with this method. The shading tends to dry with a gloss finish but as I varnish with gloss and then when dry with a matt varnish they finish quite well

Here are a couple of examples and a view of the pen

The brushes with a bit of practice give a 0.2mm line. This however varies with pressure so you should practice lots.... The point maintains its form if your gentle with the brush and as yet I'm still on the first pen.

guns for the saxons
                                     With the introduction of some house rules for artillery I needed to break down the massed battery we currently have for the saxon corps and provide individual batteries for attached batteries. I decided to make them all at once.

The figures are the new artillery from commision figurines that come with rammers and levers etc. Very nice too. The pic on the right shows one of the batteries in its attached position. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

wittling in 6mm...... MDF uhlans

                Remember those uhlans I posted in the nude in my last post? here is a reminder

                I spent a day or so on painting them. The final result is ready for show

These along with the French guard lancers have been the most testing conversions I have done. The base is the light horseman with shako. I think they have turned out just fine. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

The postman calls......

                 Yesterday the postman brought me a very unexpected parcel. It contained some troops I had ordered from commission figurines but the really exciting bit is that it had a small bag of spanking new cavalry figures which I assume are new additions to the range but might be samples of things to come. I really don't know yet as not having heard from Walt over the holidays I didn't know they were coming.  They are simply brilliant. They range from Bavarian cavalry to Russian Guard cavalry to British light cavalry in tarleton.
                   Without further comment here they are in their nude form..


The unusual figure of British light cavalry in tarleton  came out well.
On the right the Bavarian light cavalry. Nice to see having spent hours converting loads. Thanks Walt!

Great selection of cavalry covering most of the needs of the Russians and indeed many of the elaborately helmeted units of post 1809. I am so impressed with these particularly the one to the left. So hard to do in MDF. How does that extended comb stay there.

 There are also Highlanders , British RHA, I'm quite excited by this selection. If only Walt could get his web page up to date hahahahahahah. Earlier I asked "is that it?" Seems I spoke to soon.

They inspired me to make a start on the austrian Uhlans.

Painted pictures next week

Thursday, 7 January 2016

You gotta love bicornes.

                      For a while now I have been suggesting to Walt at commision figurines that bicorne troops with backpacks would be nice to represent a lot of troops throughout the period. I also threw in for good measure that greatcoats would be useful too and as a final hint I said his shako troops at march attack look great. So he took me at his word and rolled them all into one useful package . Yeap Bicorne troops with backpacks with muskets at march attack.  They arrived on Xmas eve so I have been a little slow in getting them to the painting table but here they are at last. I think they look splendid and can of course be used as a generic footslogger in many armies of the mid to late Napoleonic wars. Especially as many troops wore them with campaign dress.
                     As I said earlier these could appear in many armies but I chose to make these a Saxon brigade as I am one short for 1809. So here you have them Saxon allies for the French.  I do however have some doubts on these as the Saxons may have still used haversacks in Bavaria Austria but I don't really care so here we are..

First the individual elements.

 The figures are straight from the box with the drums and standards added. I really like these especially with the shouldered muskets. Nice touch in MDF.

Based for Blucher

At the moment I have one massed battery for the Saxons but this feels really unhistorical so in line with our house rule re attached artillery I will probably use one of the inserts for an artillery battery

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Is that it?

                  As  I said in an earlier post the postie brought me a package on Xmas eve with a bunch of new figures from commission.  Lovely they are too and some are on the paint table right now. Meantime I thought to take a break and wish you all a good new year.

                              2015 was an incredible year for me. It was the year I finally built my Napoleonic armies in 6mm. Not just a token army but several corps aside . I have no idea how many 6mm figures I have painted , I can only say a lot. In theory I have more than enough figures for a huge game but still find myself fired up to produce more.  So if I ask myself "is that it" I find myself answering "You ain't seen nothing yet".

                          2015 was the year in which I appeared to have slain the butterfly. I spent the whole year on just one project. I am gobsmacked....