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Saturday, 26 December 2015

The boxing day gallop... Huzzah

                          Well here I sit feeling guiltily stuffed with xmas goodies and very little to show for the last couple of weeks. Apart from a quick visit to the new star wars film and some long walks along the beach in our balmy winter here I have achieved very little on wargaming front. I am planning a three table Blucher extravaganza in February but thats another story altogether. So all there is to see is a unit of 6mm MDF French hussars and some of those beautiful TBM buildings in a scenic setting.  Hope you like them.

       First up a quick shot of the hussars with the chateau of Ligny . Really nice building.

For the hussars I used a mix of hussars with sheepskin and for the officers hussars with pointed shabraque. I added leopardskins for the colonels etc.

Out of interest I came in quite close to these to show the painted detail. I'm pleased with the results.

 These TBM waterloo buildings really are outstanding. I love the reduced footprint. With this batch I carved off the moulded hedges etc and added greenery from woodland scenics. I really like these.

                   On Xmas eve I received a new batch of figures from Commision Figurines that have really excited me. Bicorn infantry in greatcoats with backpacks with shouldered muskets that are just great. Light cavalry with tarleton helmets and British horse artillery in tarleton. He really is getting good at producing this stuff. painted figures will appear as I have time to do them.

Friday, 4 December 2015

More boys for the archduke...

              I realise I have been a bit quiet for the last few days but as I said in an earlier post I needed a break from the conversions and research etc. I decided to concentrate on some basic Infantry brigades for the Austrians. After a steady week long plod I have another division ready for the fray.
              Once again all the figures are 6mm from Commision Figurines in MDF. The more I work with these figures , the more I like them. They have a toy soldier quality that really appeals to me. I guess I also love how easy they are to paint. I now have enough basic infantry divisions. divisions for 3 of the 1809 army corps. Think I'll go for one more heheheh..
               Ok enough rambling here are a few photos displaying the brigades in all their glory and a couple showing how our insert system works for Blucher. It is proving a very comfortable way to play the game. All three brigades are shown with attached artillery batteries.

I used all the latest ideas on these bases including a mounted officer, more than one flag some conversions to officers etc etc. They also have the new style bases with smaller labels. I think they are a great improvement on previous efforts.

                            We have played a good few games now with the new dice and insert system and it certainly speeds up play and makes remembering traits etc much easier. Below are a couple of pictures demonstrating how the insert and labelling system works.

The tickets are backed with steel paper from Coritani magnetic displays. We have tickets reproducing various formations and simply replace them for the units we want to use. If you look at the labels you can see that most of the info is excess baggage but I like having it and think it all adds to the atmosphere if you have brigade names etc to quote in AAR's  The dice have been a great addition. and certainly reduce the need to hunt for a china-graph after every casualty heheh
This photo demonstrates the flexibility of the insert system. The previous photos show the brigades with an artillery battery attached. This one shows the brigade with either the battery removed or lost in combat. You simply remove the battery and insert a blank. They could also be skirmishers or attached cavalry squadrons or even a divisional commander or corps commander. Very pleased with this.

                           I have actually run out of Austrian figures to paint so maybe I'll do  few French cavalry units next! Come on posty gimee my next order hahahahah.