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Friday, 20 November 2015

Massena's Germans.

                       The army of Germany 1809 continues to grow. I have just completed the blucher version of Massenas German brigades. mainly the field army of Baden and Hesse and the combined cavalry brigade. All of course in 6mm MDF.

It consists of two brigades from Baden on the left of the picture , two brigades of Hessians to the right At the rear is the combined Baden and Hessian cavalry brigade.  They make a colourful addition to the French options.
 One choice I did make here was to add quite a few standards to each base accentuating the national differences.  The cavalry at the rear are all conversions all of them having had head swaps.
 The Baden infantry seen here are the basic helmeted infantry figure with few changes. I modelled both the foot artiullry in Bicorne and the Horse artillery in helmets shown here as attached batteries. 
The infantry are the bicorn infantry but as they are not yet available with backpacks which were issued to the Hessians in 1808, I decided to convert some. Long job and not one I would like to repeat. However I do like the end result.

I think I need a break from conversions etc and will spend a few days producing out of the box French and Austrian brigades.

Monday, 9 November 2015

A highly des. res.

                 I have always been a fan of Total battle miniatures range of 6mm buildings but in particular I really LOVE the Waterloo range of reduced footprint buildings. Now as I have said on many occasions I am absolute shite at painting them. Fortunately I have some highly skilled friends who have painted them for me. I do however enjoy placing them in a good setting and mount them on terrain boards to slip onto the playing area. Last night I finished painting the chateau of Ligny. I hope folks like it. Although an advocate of cheap alternative figures I have no inhibitions about spending a lot of time and cash on the setting they game in.

 Now I hope folks like it because I think its one of the finest commercial six mm building models I have ever seen and can't wait to get it into a game.


                                    I have a number of this range ready for basing and indeed some have already been posted a few months back. They work not only with 6mm but look great alongside my 10mm imagination troop`s as well. I particularly love the period feel they have.