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Saturday, 24 October 2015

some loose ends

               Needing a break from painting the Bavarians, I decided to tidy up some loose ends.

                                    First off I used the last of my TBM painted buildings to produce a BUA i could use for anything from a well heeled village to a city block. The quality of the buildings would look fine in a town or city and with a few hedgerows etc easily translate into a country side location.

This will fit particularly well with the 10mm imagination stuff. I'm now convinced that 6mm terrain works better with 10mm figures than the "correct" scale stuff.


  I have also been aware for a while that I was  Blucher base short of Austrian grenadiers. Now these are a bit of a pain because the converged units need to have various facing colours on a single base. Normally this wouldn't bother me but with the patches on bearskins the colours leap out at you.

I continue to mount the figures on metal 40x20 bases. I do like the large diorama style bases many gamers are using but I really don't want to lose the flexibility of small bases and sabots. I still have a desire for divisional level games with 6mm figures.

Trying to move towards a diorama look I decided to add a mounted officer to one of the elements. I think it helps.

Most of my existing figures are now incorporated in Blucher bases. Maybe a photo of the whole collection would be fun. Now I have to just knuckle down to producing more of the same .  Oh dear the fluttering grows louder heheheh.


  1. I too have gone with 6mm buildings (Leven Miniatures) for my 'Black Powder' 10mm figures. It doesn't look out of scale and you can really get the feel of a nice BUA.

  2. Both the terrain and the Grenadiers look great.

  3. Hi, I absolutely love the stuff you are doing, especially the Bavarians, but really, how do you actually paint them? I'm intrigued.

    1. They really are a snip to paint. Apart from a few engraved lines what you are faced with is an almost flat surface. First I give them a heavy coat of a cheap black acrylic to prime the wood. From there is almost the same logic as for metal figures. If you consider the bavarians for example. I would next cover the bodies in ivory (better result than white) then black gaiters. Next is the lapel colour on the chest followed by the blue jacket in the order right arm , left arm , shoulders leaving the lapels outlined then the back. White crossed belts on the chest, black ammo pouch, brown knapsack, grey rolled cloak, facing colours on kneck tails and cuffs. flesh then black and your almost done. Because there is no raised detail to swipe paint onto you need to use a fine brush to paint starps etc. Apart from that there's no real secret. All of this of course is done on a batch basis (normally 60 figures)

  4. Thank you for the advice. That sounds very simple but I imagine it takes a bit of practice. I'll certainly send off for some packs to try out. I'll see if I can blow up some of your photos to get a better idea. Cheers