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Monday, 14 September 2015

whistling dixie and curling your hair.....

                   This weekend in Montmelo the guys I game with are mounting an open war games convention. We are presenting quatre bras in 15mm using the NAW rules system. Not my cup of tea, so they asked me to do something different if I didn't want to be a part of their game. Maybe it was a case of putting your money where your mouth is. Heheheheh I thought I would have a small break from Napoleonics and Blucher and return to my roots. (make a note of that statement it gets clearer). Yes back to my roots. Time to bring out the hair curlers.

                     With that decision made the next was rules and period. Played around with British intervention in the ACW but not enough time to plan that. In the end I went for a straight corps level ACW game using "altar of Freedom" As I have stated previously I consider this rule set with its innovative variable length move system near perfect for this period and level of command. Being basically lazy I went for the free PDF scenario on the AoF site of 2nd Kernstown.

                   This morning I laid out the battlefield and sorted the troops. Hope you like it.

From the overview of the battlefield it looks quite flat. When you get down to eye level it shows just how wrong you can be.

It's a long while since I used these troops. Odd to think I gamed exclusively with haircurlers for so many years. You will probably notice that the union are very much outnumbered by the rebels. Can't wait to hear the screams. No one said it would be a fairfight did they?


  1. They look surprisingly presentable... but I certainly prefer your MDF figures by a wide margin!

    1. Oh there really is no comparison. The MDF are figures in the true sense of the word. The hair curlers were always an almost zero cost way way of trying new periods without resorting to kriegspiel type blocks. I however became quite enamoured of them and built a number of armies in different period for very little outlay. Once you get them on the table in decent terrain they do look good visually. When you have figures that cost next to nothing you can spend on terrain and buildings etc :)