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Monday, 21 September 2015

The Kernstown crunch

                  Our ACW R&R this weekend was a great break from painting and playing Napoleonics . We set up the second battle of Kernstown using my hair curler troops (true veterans) Not only did they make some visitors hair curl but most had to get to eye level on the table to realise they weren't your standard table top faire. The rules were Altar of Freedom straight from the box. What a superbly simple but tactically complex system this is. We had an absolute ball. In both battles the confederates refused to challenge the Union command for the clock. In retrospect that was probably an error. The game lasted only 6 complete turns and trying to break the northerners in that time is not easy unless all the cards are stacked in your favour.

 view from east of kernstown

The area of play was 3 miles x 3 miles. I still love the look of haircurlers on "busy" terrain

                                      The game looked pretty and we managed 2 full games in around 4 hours. Lots of fun and unfortunately I was too busy umpiring to take a lot of photos but I managed a couple

Looking from North to south 

Having sated my need for change I prepped three battalions of French Infantry last night. painting as I type. (Now thats dexterity for you)

Slightly worried as my reading choice when I went to bed last night was "Maurice".

(Fluttering wings ? Nah I never heard a thing!)


  1. Top stuff! I really liked seeing the close-ups you posted of the hair curler troops (a few posts back).

    Roy @

  2. I must admit I enjoyed using those old figures again and watching the faces of the folks looking at the table

  3. Sounds like the game was a success, and you can now go back to focusing on MDF Napoleonics.. not that I won't try to distract you with some more Ancients shortly! :-)

    1. Not only was it an enjoyable day and a good game but I always get a lot of fun watching peoples faces when they see alternative troops.

  4. I think one of the joys of using haircurler armies and indeed the MDF figures is that glorious moment when folks lower their voice and say " I guess you use these figures because you can't afford real ones." I find that sooooo funny