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Friday, 18 September 2015

The heavy mob are eer Arry

                    I have been promising myself some French heavy cavalry for quite a while now. Not sure how I left it so long because I'm drawn to cavalry like a moth to a light. The long term plan was to build the complete heavy cavalry corps from 1809. I decided to do them in order so my natural choice was Nansouty's first brigade/division meaning I get carabiniers as well as cuirassiers.  Here then are the boys to date all of course in 6mm MDF

The first element of the brigade is the cuirassiers. The figures are all straight from the box. The officer is heavy cavalry with bicorne and the cuirassiers the standard figure. Nice. (simple too)

The second is the carabiniers. The 1809 variety isn't covered by any of the Commission figures so it was out with the knife and superglue. I used the cuirassier figures , beheaded them and stuck on the heads for the old guard pack. Well pleased!

So onto the whole ensemble.

First assembled for Blucher

Second assembled for "Altar of Nappy" I still much prefer the aesthetics of these rules. They look great like this.

            I think I'm finally getting the hang of working in MDF. They are starting to look quite snazzy for wood chippings. What a remarkably talented Chap Walter of really is.  I have been working steadily at this project for about 11 months now. That really is a record for me. I first planned 6mm Napoleonics back in 1976. It's only taken me 40 years to get round to it. I guess I have Walt and blogging to thank for me finally biting the bullet. Blogging has been a great way to inspire me to finish stuff and force me to put my thoughts into print.


  1. Could you tell me more about the "Altar of Nappy" rules and where I can find them? Thanks,

    1. I'm sorry but the reference is a sort of joking reference to the hybrid rules I put together for my group. They use the command and control system from the ACW rule set "altar of freedom" and the movement and combat from "snappy nappy" Both are great sets of commercial rules in their own right and altar of freedom is perhaps one of the best sets of period specific corps level rulesets available and has a variable time mechanism. You can get "AoF" here as a pdf download and Snappy nappy is available from caliver books in the UK or OMM in the states

  2. Very well done, and the conversions are special!

    1. Thanks , it seems the more I do the easier they get to convert and paint. I have never at any point in my time gaming sustained an effort like this one. It will be a year next month since I started the project and I'm still quite animated.