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Friday, 11 September 2015

Au demain et la gloire

  Decided to take a break tomorrow and introduce a new player to the Joys of 6mm wargaming and in particular "blucher". It will be a meeting encounter building to all out combat. Well not so all out about 250 points with leaders per side. The year 1809.

 On my left the French . I say French but they are in a minority here. Three corps . Bavarian, Saxon and French. Lets hope the overall commander speaks German!
 On my right the Austrians Two infantry corps and one light cavalry.

                             Both sides are advancing along the River Wemser towards the Austrian town of Schnitzel. The region consists of rich, open agricultural land with scattered woodlands and along the river some marshy regions. The river is a minor obstacle and should present no problems.

The Field of battle


An overview of the battlefield. The river runs west through the two north south ridge lines. On the western line lies Wiener  and the eastern contains Schnitzel the two ridges are seperated by a low valley where most of the action will probably take place.

Left:-The view from the south along the valley between the two ridge lines 
Right :- looking east along the river from the French position towards Schnitzel. As you can see at this level the ground is not as flat as the overview leads you to believe

Left:- The village of Wiener lays at the foot of the ridge surrounded by fields.
Right:- Schnitzel sits alongside the river and controls road to the west and towards Vienna 


  1. Good looking troops and table; let the action begin!

  2. Have a great game and good luck converting your opponent to 6mm