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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A thunder in the south.. part 1

                         So after a short break in the Shenandoah valley it's back to my wooden warriors and northern Italy. Eugene and John battle it out once again.  Tomorrow is fiesta here in Barcelona so I have a couple of happy generals with the correct priorities and we chose a days wargaming. We would fight it out with the entire army of inner Austria and Eugene's army of Italy. The rules will be Blucher using a small pre-campaign map (actually the Southern Germany map ). I do enjoy the pre match nerves as both armies strain to get all their troops to the field of battle.

The French army consists of a large medium/light cavalry corps, 2 small infantry corps, an Italian corps and Eugenes reserve corps of Italy.

 The map we will be using.. Each side can have upto 6 columns of which two may be dummy.  They will dice for which side they enter and move half pace on the first move. They may each select one column to move a full move

The French 

from left to right we have
Baraguay d'Hilliers's Italians
Grenier                     French
Macdonald               French
Eugene                     mixed
Grouchy                   cavalry

The Austrians 
Left to right

Gyulai      3 divisions
Chasteler  2 divisions

I'm definitely looking forward to this one!


  1. Your bases look great, as do the troops, and the pre battle maneuver map looks exciting (even if it should be Northern Italy). Just Italianize a few names and you're good! :-)

    What is the festival in Barcelona? I had a classmate growing up who was from Barcelona - that was way back when Franco was still alive, and his father was a Spanish diplomat who worked with the UN in NYC, so Carlos used to joke that he was a Fascist! I have yet to visit Spain (I do speak passable Spanish, so someday!), but my parents had a condominium in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol for about 15 years. It was too small for us to be able to stay there if we visited them, however., and once we had the time and money to go, they had sold it as they became older and didn't want to be out of the US for 6 months a year any longer.

    1. Oh it's la Merce. She is the patron saint of Barcelona but to be honest the guys don't need much excuse for a day off and the chance to roll dice. Franco wasn't too popular here in Cataluña. It was one of the last regions to fall to Franco's troops. Catalan nationalism is extremely powerful here now. It's a great place to live. I have absolutely no plans to return to the UK.

    2. Most of mt parents' friends in Spain were ex pats from the UK. Hopefully the Catalan nationalism mostly takes the form of pride in their unique culture and language, and perhaps some increased regional autonomy, rather than separatism.

    3. Unfortunately we already have a high degree of autonomy (probably as great or greater than many US states) . The lack of political trust between the capital and Cataluña is almost irredeemable now

  2. I must say the troops do look damned good all lined up ready for their deployment. My wife and daughter had a nice break in Barcelona at the end of August, great weather, food sites etc whilst we had rain in Bristol:(. If I lived there I wouldn't be in a hurry to return to the UK. Have a great days gaming!

    1. Yes indeed , when you see them laid out like this it's easy to forget that they are made of wood and nominally 6mm figures.