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Friday, 25 September 2015

A thunder in the south .....Pt 2 oh the shame.

                                   Today's battle did not go well. Eugene's troops outmanoeuvred the Arch Duke Charles, pinned him in a heavily outnumbered battle and destroyed him and whatsmore caused him to lose his life in a futile but glorious last charge.  You will have realised by the tone of this report that your hapless author adopted the role of the late lamented Archduke and didn't have the best of days. Here are a few pictorial records of the disaster affair.

 The situation on the morning of the third day was dire!. Archduke John's plan to envelope and crush the French 2nd and 5th corps went sadly awry when Eugene took the initiative and declared battle at C6,7 (outlined in red) and turned the tables on the Austrian 1st and 6th corps. All was clearly lost. Only a breakout to the east could relieve the situation.

John decided his only option seen  through the early morning mist was to throw both his corps east against the Italian reserve corps. The Initial French advance uncovered a  massed horse battery to the front of the Austrian hussar rgt. Deciding he could strike the French guns and still retrieve the rgt from the French lines he placed himself at the head of the rgt yelled for them to follow him and he threw himself at the French guns.

The hussars smashed into the line totally destroying the battery with minimal casualties but as they prepared to withdraw under the archdukes command a dying Italian gunner drove his broken rammer into John's throat . The little hope the Austrians had disappeared with their leader's demise. The brigade was attacked by French infantry that they succesfully defeated meaning the infantry stayed where it was and the brigade withdrew 2 BW west facing the enemy. Damn fine show.

Bereft of leadership (and rolling crap command dice) the Austrians were pushed back on the town. Despite causing heavy casualties on the French brigades they were driven out and forced back into the wheatfields

As they attempted to rally once more they saw the dust and heard the tramping feet of the remaining French corps in their rear to the West and  to cries of  "Gott , wo bist du" They threw down their arms and ran southwards. To the French the glory. 

Although a total disaster the battle does show the ability to arrive at battles that no one in his right mind would set up. It was so much fun. I might have enjoyed it a little more if the army commander had survived his gloriously successful charge but it wasn't to be.  I seem to have an unequalled ability to throw 6's when throwing for officer risk at the moment.


  1. Hahahaa... that was awesome! A disaster indeed. But I am sure it was fun.

  2. Certainly was . I have a rematch on Saturday.I always was a masochist hehehe

  3. That's what campaigns are for! Great story.

    1. Give me a campaign every time. I think that by using this simple pre battle map moves system Sam has added a new dimension to commercial rule sets. In particular it can be used with any set in any period. Great move

  4. Oh, I feel your pain. The game looks great and hope you have better luck in the rematch.

  5. Give me a good story any day, even at my own expense!

    At least writer having singled out Erzherzog Johann as perhaps the worse commander in history (a bit unfairly, I'd add, IMHO), perhaps he did the greater Hapsburg cause a service! :-)

  6. Fun report, good luck in the rematch.